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Bay Driving School: Your Ticket To The Open Road


Easy Learn Driving

Bay Driving School offers professional, personalized instruction at an affordable price.

National Instructor

Bay Driving School offers professional national instructor training.

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Bay Driving School offers a convenient service to get your driver's license.

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Bay Driving School

Bay Driving School, a driving school dedicated to providing high-quality driving training. Our instructors use interactive learning methods to help students become safe and confident drivers. To ensure customer satisfaction, we provide high-quality training.
Choose Bay Driving School for your driving instruction needs, and let us help you become a safe and confident driver.

Smartly Learn & Safe

Bay Driving School offers a complete and safe driving training program with professional instructors. This program will help you become familiar with the rules of the road and pass your driving test.

Instructors Come to you

Bay Driving School provides one-on-one instruction in comfort. Our instructors come to you and guide you through the steps to obtaining your license.

Our Gallery

offer for my services are as follows

Our Services

Here are some of the services that Bay Driving School offer

Beginner Driving Lessons

If you're just starting out, our beginner driving lessons are the perfect way to learn the basics of driving and get comfortable behind the wheel. More...

Advanced Driving Lessons

For more experienced drivers looking to improve their skills, we offer advanced driving lessons to help you become a more confident and capable driver. More...

Refresher Lessons

If you haven't driven in a while or need some extra practice, our refresher lessons are a great way to brush up on your skills. More...

Driving Test Preparation

Our instructors will help you prepare for your driving test by teaching you the skills and techniques you'll need to pass with flying colors. More...

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offer for my services are as follows

Pre-test lesson

( 1 hour before test & car hire )

Hour & Saving

1 Hour                 $60 

5 Hour                 $290 ( saving $10 )

10 Hour              $570 ( saving $30 )

20 Hour             $1100 ( saving $100 )

Pre-test lesson

( 2 hour before test & car hire )
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Take a look at our instructor’s profile

Hello, my name is Jamal and I am an RMS accredited driving instructor in NSW. I have been driving in Australia for 25 years and have been driving professionally in the passenger transport business since 2006 allowing me to experience driving in all types of road conditions. As a driving instructor, I try to be as flexible as I can in my teaching methods as everyone learns differently and I am dedicated to helping my students develop the skills and confidence they need to become safe and responsible drivers. I am patient, reliable and committed to ensuring that my students have a positive learning experience. I believe that with hard work and determination, anyone can succeed behind the wheel.


Contact Jamal on 0425 207 213

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frequently asked questions

Get quick answers to your common questions

Yes, you can learn to drive in an automatic car in Sydney. However, if you pass your driving test in an automatic car, your license will only allow you to drive automatic cars. If you want to drive a manual car, you will need to pass a separate driving test in a manual car.

To prepare for your driving test in Sydney, it is important to practice regularly with a licensed instructor or a family member or friend who has a full driving license. You should also study the road rules and familiarize yourself with the test route. On the day of the test, make sure you arrive early, bring all necessary documents, and remain calm and focused during the test.

To start learning to drive in Sydney, you must be at least 16 years old. At this age, you can apply for a learner driver licence, which will allow you to start learning to drive on public roads. It's important to note that you must have a parent or guardian's consent if you are under 18 years old.

The type of vehicles used for driving lessons in Sydney can vary depending on the driving school you choose. However, most driving schools use small to medium-sized vehicles that are easy to manoeuvre and have good visibility. These vehicles are also equipped with dual controls, which allows the driving instructor to take control of the vehicle if necessary.

Reviews & Testimonials

Check out what our clients are saying about us

Mandeep virdi
Mandeep virdi
Jamal is the best driving instructor. He tells the weak points to work on. He encourages the learners to do more and more practice for driving, and Jamal gives honest advice, on if the learners are ready for a test or not. He is calm. He is supportive.
khorshed khan
khorshed khan
Its a really a successful and hard worker driving school , if you want know something, if you want real driving, if you want to practicall car driving in your life , this is a real driving school BAY DRIVING SCHOOL. and also Mr. Jamal bhai is a really nice person who teach you smooth and friendly. Thank you Jamal bhai and BAY DRIVING SCHOOL.
shiblu78 Gmail
shiblu78 Gmail
I thoroughly got a lot of knowledge and driving skills from learning with Jamal over the past few months. I recently just passed my test and I got my provisional license (first time) and I couldn’t thank Jamal enough for the diligent, professional and knowledgeable lessons that he gave me! If I could get a license twice, I wouldn’t hesitate in using his services again. Thanks Jamal, highly recommend!
Rafid Salah
Rafid Salah
Best driving school, the instructor is very knowledgeable and helped me pass my driving exams.
Cee Su
Cee Su
You are 👏 amazing
Niaz Ahmad
Niaz Ahmad
Professional and very knowledgeable instructor who has been able to teach me all the necessary rules and skills to be a safe driver on the roads
Yesmin Ahmad
Yesmin Ahmad
Thank you so much to Bay Driving School to get my licence under right guidance and patience to become a safe driver. Each lessons was very informative, well-structured. I really appreciate the continuous encouragement from the instructor👍
Samira Ahmad
Samira Ahmad
Thanks to Bay Driving School, I've become more safe and patient on the road as a first time learner! They are excellent at analysing student's driving skills and focuses on what I need to achieve. This was the most helpful out of all! Highly recommend Bay Driving School 🙂

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